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Monday, January 22, 2007

Our house, in the middle of our street

Today I sat in a comfortable air conditioned office, of Trocaire's partner B'Tselem, the Israeli human rights information centre.

Meanwhile, out on the ranch - Aine Bhreathnach the ME emergency programme officer went on a tour of Jerusalem with B'Tselem staff.

On the tour, which illustrates how Israel is using the wall to annex Palestinian land, they witnessed a house demolition taking place.

As Aine witnessed it, the facts are this, in her words:

"Five families lived in a house in Sur Bahir, a village near Jerusalem which is being annexed to Jerusalem by Israel.

On the 22nd of January 2006, their homes were demolished.

Why? Because they built their home without planning permission

Why did they build their home without planning permission?

Because the Israeli controlled Jerusalem Municaplity did not give them permission to build their homes.

Why did the Jersualem municipality not give permission for the families to build their homes?

Because the municapility do not want Palestinians to build houses in this area- even though:the land belongs to the Palestinian people. But they are not wanted there...

Who protects the palestinian families? - I saw the Israedli police and army watch. In fact I saw them eat their lunch while the mechanical arm of the bulldozing crane pulled the house down.

The role of the police is to protect the instrument of destruction, not the human rights of victims.

3 generations of the family watched helplessly as their homes were destroyed.

The elderly watched as their life's work and savings were destroyed. The adults watched as their ability to protect and care for their parents and children was destroyed. The children watched as their future was destroyed.

Why Why Why?????? "

Many of you will be aware of Trocaire's campaign with the Rabbis for Human Rights to prevent the demolition of the Dari family home in East Jerusalem. Our campiagn was unsuccesful, but we and our partners on the ground will keep on struggling to fight discrimination, to fight injustice and to fight this occupation. Keep on struggling with us. Please.


At 1:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Eoin and Aine,

must have been very difficult to sit and watch.

It is still hard to believe that the Dari house, where we were welcomed with sweet tea and fruit, is rubble now.



At 12:42 PM, Blogger Lawrence said...

hi Eoin,

I beleive you were trying to get me yesterday. Am working from home today (Fri). If you still need to talk email me and I'll sen you my home number



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